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Full Version: Graphical representation of Fourier transform
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I've come across this beautiful video of a guy who takes it's time to explain the Fourier transform using a graphical example. Here he draws an image in vector graphics, decomposes the image into the constituent equations (quadratic bezier curves and line segments), then he finds the fourier transform of that giant resulting equation and plots everything as a sum of circular paths.

All the code is developed in Mathematica but I think it should be doable on the Prime too, even though I am not willing to try it Big Grin


(01-07-2018 01:09 AM)TheKaneB Wrote: [ -> ]Fourier transform

This is the fastest method:

[Image: spectrum_8679.jpg]

Yeah Big Grin

There's an optical setup that can be used to "physically" process an image by removing parts of its fourier transform before reconstructing. It's called the 4F correlator, and there's an example.

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