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Full Version: EULER CONSTANT infinite limit definition
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I've been hoping to see this bug solved in new 13217 FW Version. It regards the Euler Constant as defined by infinite limit.

Maybe nobody has noticed that before. So here it is.

Thanks to HP Prime development. The new Fw is a huge step!

Regards, Ciro Bruno.
This is a user-interface problem, I mean that the x power is outside of the limit and this is unfortunately not clearly displayed. If you are using the template to enter a limit, make sure to keep all the limit argument inside the parenthesis. Or switch to algebraic entry mode.
I've implemented this using the same mechanism used for a fraction being raised to a power (so check that and you'll see how it will behave). Impacts these nodes:
1. Fraction
2. Derivative
3. Summation
4. Product
5. Integration
6. Limit
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