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Full Version: (free42) CUSTOM bug
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No doubt the last bug in 2017!
Try this:
>LBL "A1"
>LBL "A2"
>LBL "A3
>LBL "An"
 ASSIGN "A1" TO 01
 ASSIGN "A2" TO 02
 ASSIGN "A3" TO 03
>LBL 00
 ASSIGN "An" TO 01
 GTO 00
Execute CST and see the single custom key "An". Good.
Now press it. It exits the CUSTOM menu instead of showing the new menu with A1, A2 and A3, as the 42S does.

Cheers, Werner

Unsurprisingly, the SwissMicros DM42 exhibits the same behaviour.
So, CUSTOM toggles the custom menu, but it should only turn it on, never off, acting like SF 27.
Makes sense. Will fix in 2.0.9.
No hurry there, Thomas, especially around these days :-)
And SF 27 is a simple workaround.
Best wishes for 2018!
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