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(01-23-2015 02:00 PM)dizzy Wrote: [ -> ]Here's the order form for the User's Guide. The price is £14.50 + P&P + fees:

I've ordered one too. Looking forward to it - I do like the Prime a lot, but I'm sure I'll be using the 50g for a long time yet.

Nigel (UK)
Dizzy: I have just made my payment for one. Many, many thanks for your efforts on this.
Hi Dizzy,
I just made payment. Thanks again for doing this!
Guys, I'm really sorry about this, but it appears I made a mistake on the postage for the User's Guide. I thought it was going to be the same as for the AUR, but the figures I gave need to be increased as the UG is over 1kg. I was obsessing over the weight calculations for sending the manuals together and forgot to double check the figure for the UG.

The increase is around £2-3, except for the figure for UK postage, which has actually decreased: I'll send out UK manuals via 2nd class post as 1st class is now an unreasonable amount.

I've issued refunds for the orders placed so far and updated the figures on the form. Please place your orders again.

I've moved the form to a new location:

(link removed)

Again, I'm really sorry for the inconvenience.
Hi Dizzy,
No problem -- just reordered.
Thanks for your efforts Dizzy,

PayPal monies on their way

Cheers, Terje
I have just made the revised payment for the UG -- no problem.
Payment sent.
Thank you very much!
Payment sent!

Thanks again for all your effort on this!
Great Shaun & I've also just paid for 1 copy of the User Guide.


Payment sent.

Thank you very much indeed, Dizzy.

(01-24-2015 12:17 AM)gestrickland Wrote: [ -> ]I have just made the revised payment for the UG -- no problem.
me too. Thank you!
Payment sent.

Thanks for doing this!
Again, thank you very much.
Payment sent.
Bump. Still got a few orders trickling in. Time's running out. :-)

(link removed)

I just sent my payment for the 50g's UG as well.

Thanks for the efforts,

Thanks, Shaun, now ordered one to go with your earlier advanced user reference which is sitting on the desk beside me. I nearly missed it, having not checked the forum for few days. Look forward to having the set!
I tried to order both, only received an email confirmation for the user's guide. I hope both orders actually went through. Am I the only one plagued by paypal flakiness?
I just placed my orders for the AUR and the UG.
Thank you Dizzy for these unique opportunities!
[Image: 985cf32b418ct.jpg]
Long live the HP-50 !
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