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Full Version: GUISVL / GUIMES : Pimp Your Equation Solver.
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have a look here

(HP 50G Pimp Your Solver)
to see how you can pimp your solver.

If you crunch a lot of numbers then this is the right tool for you!
Customize GUISLV / GUIMES to your needs and solve equations as you like it.

- customizable layout
- rapid data entry
- direct unit conversion
- lots of predefined units
- sorting of variables
- supports all fonts
- fast
- etc.

Available soon on my webpage (will be announced in due course there).

And for those who want to customize their Equation Library take a look at
(HP 50G Multi Lingual Pack - Customize Your Equation Library.)

Thanks Andreas & looks interesting.

Will this be compatible with the OS Extension pack?


Hi Andreas,

Kudos to you for not giving up on the 50g; being 8 years old, but remaining the "king of the hill" in the RPL world. Your work continues to be very impressive.


Thanks for your kind word.
Again, updating the 50g (HW&SW) would be easy, but I guess it won't happen...

That's the whole point, so yes.
GUISLV/GUIMES is/will be available as a stand alone product and available as part of the MLP/OSE.
However, updating the binaries need some time and I am not in a hurry ;-)


my HP Solve replacement aka GUISLV / GUIMES is available now ;-)

Hi Andreas,

Noticed you have also released an update to the O.S. Extension Pack with the same release date as your GUISLV / GUIMES package (5/4/2014). Does this mean that if I update the O.S. Extension Pack that the HP Solve replacement will also be up to date?



GUISLV / GUISMES is up to date
- as stand alone product
- as part of the MLP
- as part of the MLP with help for all commands for all languages
- as part of the OSE
- as part of the OSE with help for all commands in English only


I have no affiliation with Andreas, but I wanted to put in a good word for his OS Extension Pack and the integrated help software for the 50G.

If you guys out there are students or professional engineers and still use your 50g a lot for number crunching and quick equation solving, you should really consider trying his software. It's an add-on that installs over the stock HP rom, and improves functionality of certain things like the equation solvers and adds extra functionality that really should have been there from the get-go. I have 2 50g's, and though I liked them a lot before purchasing Andreas' software, I think his software takes them to the realm of what we all hoped HP would have done in the first place.

The 50G is a complex beast, and the integrated help information for every command with examples is REALLY nice to have on-board. Also, his improvements to the equation library and solver are really convenient and very well-done, and really make the 50G a joy to use. I own 2 TI-89s, a TI Nspire CX CAS, two 50g's, and a handful of other calculators, and with Andreas' extension pack I feel the 50g is by far the best of the bunch for 95% of my needs.

Again, I'm not associated with him or his software in any way, other than having purchased it and being a satisfied user. Surely it takes a huge amount of time to code it and keep improving it, and I doubt that what he makes on it even begins to cover his time invested. If you're on the fence, give it a try, I don't think you'll be disappointed, and you'll be supporting one of the few people who is still pushing the 50g to new limits.

Hi all,

Also have no affiliation whatsoever with Andreas & fully agree with Josh's comments.

I use the OS Extension pack with built-in GUISLV/GUISMES on all three of my HP50Gs & find it a significant improvement over the original applications & well worth what Andreas charges for the software.


Another satisfied customer here. Not only is the "help for all commands" invaluable on such a complex machine, but now I can use the multiple equation solver without my head exploding! When I once did something stupid with the installation Andreas replied at once with a solution. The updates keep coming, too. Excellent value!

(Again, no affiliation.)

Nigel (UK)

this just a short reminder that there is a maintenance update available for my MLP/OSE which mostly fixes some minor bugs if you use the machine in algebraic mode.

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