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Full Version: HP-41 WPN EFFECTS Module
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I'm looking for information on the WPN EFFECTS Module for the HP-41. I've found it listed in a database or two online but have not found an instruction manual. Catalog 2 yields interesting labels such as "DOSE", "BLAST", and "CRATER".
All the info I ever had about it (Quick Reference Quide, and Keyboard Overlay):

(You can download the images from "_\/_" icon on bottom right of screen)




Thanks so much! I wonder who would use this module maybe civil defense? military?
(12-21-2017 01:01 AM)Craig Bladow Wrote: [ -> ]I wonder who would use this module maybe civil defense? military?

It's used for designing hardened weapon systems.

Of course, nothing survives a direct hit by just about any nuclear weapon, but in the real world, there are very few direct hits. So the challenge is to know how big the bang (or heat, or radiation, etc.) is nearby.

The basic math has been well understood since the 60's and initially this was done using circular slide rules, but in the early 80's the HP-41 became the nuclear calculator of choice.

(Used them in a former life...)
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