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Full Version: 50g - Can the APPS choose box menu be displayed as soft menus?
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I love the soft menus even though a lot of them make you go NXT NXT. The choose boxes are really slow and awkward in comparison.

Is there a way to display the APPS menu as soft menus instead of check boxes? I asked this in the course of another thread but I guess it should be asked separately. I set all my calcs to soft menus but on the 50g the APPS key pulls up the check box style. Hope I missed a simple setting somewhere. That would be awesome!


> Is there a way to display the APPS menu
> as soft menus instead of check boxes?
No, there is no code for this in ROM/O.S. of the 50g.

You either
- have to wait for a ROM update by HP that covers this (the latest ROM 2.15 is from 2009)
- or code it yourself

A third way would be to include it in my MLP which takes over the [APPS] key anyway, but I do not know if it is worth the effort needed to code this.

FYI: there are other menus, too, which will always show up as choose boxes and, what I consider more annoying, the units conversion as a choose boxes is pretty useless. There should be a setting to have this as a menu, even if choose boxes are activated. Maybe I code this for myself someday...

Thank you Andreas. Joe Horn also discussed the issue here


I will put it on my list of projects to try and learn how to make menus for this.

Thanks guys!
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