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Full Version: OT ? HP-9845 at VCF East 9.1
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I know, the hp-9845 is not really a calculator so sorry if this is a bit off topics, but I believe some of you might be interested.

I will be demonstrating my HP-9845 collection at the Vintage Computer Festival East 9.1 in New Jersey in two weeks. So if you want to play with a 9845, maybe for the first time, this is your chance! I will have a 9845B option 100, introduced in 1978 and the much faster 9845B option 200 will also be on display.

For more information:


Looking forward to see you!


Thomas Falk

Hi François,

no its not off topic. But everybody is busy with the newest marvels of technology.

Unfortunately New Jersey is a little far away for me. But at the start of May I will present a calculator HP9810 with its plotter HP9862 at the 15. Vintage Computer Festival Europe in Munich (http://www.vcfe.org). You are welcome ;-)

Have a nice time,

Thanks François! I will be at VCF East and will look for you and your 9845.

Thanks François! I will be at VCF East and will look for you and your 9845.

Vince Briel runs Briel Computers, a small company which specializes in retro computer kits; he has an exhibit at VCF East. If you were around in the Old Days, then you know about the MOS Technology KIM-1 and the MITS Altair 8800. I've got operating replicas of both from Vince and they're lots of fun. Vince has also done an Apple I replica and is working on bringing back one of the old Ohio Scientific machines.

I'll wager that if Vince saw enough interest about resurrecting one of the early HP calculators, then he'd make a kit for that as well.

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