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Full Version: Olivetti Logos 80B manual
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I am the owner of 2 Olivetti Logos 80B. I bought the first item 5 or 6 years ago and found the second one this year at a flea market. Since then I search for the manual. I searched the internet and found nothing except a commercial ad. I also contacted the Olivetti museum in Italy (I’m fluent in Italian). They had it but wanted more than 100€ for a pdf file ! So I declined.

Who knows. May be one of you have it in a readable language to me (French, Italian, English, Spanish or even Portoguese... I don’t speak none of the two last tongues but I’m able to understand them when written).

[Image: OLIVETTI_LOGOS_80B_20170417_003.jpg]
Did you find a manual?


You might ask Serge Devidts at Calcuseum. May take a while, but he might have the manual.

Check out:
Olivetti 80B
(Thanks grsbanks for posting how to embed a link!)

There is a listing for the manual (instr.) showing the front cover. Which may mean he only has a copy of the cover or possibly the whole manual. If he does publish it, you may need to wait until a weekend passes.

You'd just have to ask him. He has always been a friendly guy to me.
Thank you Duane. I will contact him.
I already know his site and it has more images than before. Surfing the links it contains .... The first link shows also more stuff than before. The second one still uses an image taken from my site (but without any request).
That document look slike a brochure in Italian that I have a PDf of. Has anyone with one of these machines either got a manual or managed to work out how it works? It's a bit inscrutable. Is there another Logos machine that is similar enough to be useful, maybe? The Logos 75S looks a bit similar.

Badaze, do you want to share the cost of the pdf?


Not for the moment.
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