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Full Version: About R&D funding in HP
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? The graph looks like it goes below 0% around 1997-1998.
(12-12-2017 08:09 PM)Luigi Vampa Wrote: [ -> ]Does anyone know if this article is biased in any way?

Looks biased (or incompetent) enough: it only looks at R&D cost as a percentage of the revenue. A decent article would have looked at least at both trend in the absolute amount spent and the trend of the percentage and amount in relation to the trend in profit as well.

30 years ago, the calcualtor division had close to 100 Enginers... And it took them years to come up with products like the HP 28.

Now days, a handfull of people can turn out a HP Prime is way less time.

Development technics have drasticaly improved, allowing the engineers to be more productive over time, which might explain the graph. HP is also selling more of any single product, improving the revenue per engineer.

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