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Full Version: Graph 3D Default Axis Orientation?
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I am looking for a simple <Zoom> command to get back to the default x-y-z axis orientation after multiple rotations in <Graph3D> <Plot>, but none of the "square XY", "square", "autoscale", "decimal", etc. options seem to be doing that. They affect the respective scales (which is fine), but none of the commands sets up the default axis anew.
There is not command that sets up the default axis orientation. You can get it by resetting page 4 of Plot settings (Shift+Esc).
Yes I know. That gets a little tedious with time.

Would be nice to have an option on the <zoom> menu, so you don't have to leave the plot screen.
Would be nice.
But there is no such command in 2D graph applications, if axis are moved. «Center on Cursor» not that, because cursor can be anywhere.
Maybe you can program (Program Catalog) views in the Graph 3D (App) to assign the right values to the corresponding Plot variables?
Sure you can do that, but you would still need to exit the plot view. Just give me a soft key button, or a choice in the <zoom> menu, labeled "Axis Default".

It makes sense to have this in the graph 3d app, as users perform kinematic scrolling.
It’s not necessary to exit the plot view, end your view instructions with STARTVIEW(1,1)
Yes, if you always want to run a "wrapper". Why would that be easier for the user than a soft key button or menu choice?
Okay, it was just a suggestion!
Thanks. Same here, only a suggestion.
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