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Full Version: Proposal for the next firmware update HP Prime
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Dear all

I think, it`s a beneficial option to implement this function in the
next HP Prime Firmware-Update.

//CAS-View only!!
//Here is an example
restart //clear all used variables --Alternative command purge(List of all used variables)
x1:=36-4*p1;// Demand Product 1
x2:=24-2*p2;// Demand Product 2
x3:=21-3*p3;// Demand Product 3
k:=x1^2+x2^2+x3^2;//cost function
f:=p1*x1+p2*x2+p3*x3-k;//profit function
s:=solve({g = 0},lname(g));

//it's useful

//it`s a good idea for the next Firmware-Update of HP Prime

//or it`s a better opportunity for the next Firmware-Update of HP Prime

lname(f):=solve(g,lname(g)); //*

best regards,
Rudi Steeger
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