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Full Version: %%HP: T(0)A(D)F(.); meaning
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Hello HP Forum community.

I bought my HP50g a couple years ago but never venture into the world of RPL program until now.

I first started with simple scripts on the calculator but now I'm working on a "big" project and started using the HPUserEdit editor because of online recommendations.

I'm very curious about the first line of all scripts in this editor:
%%HP: T(0)A(D)F(.);

What does it mean?

I did some online search and I couldn't find any information.

By experimentation, I've noticed that
deals with the format of the fraction mark.

I would be thankful if someone could explain what this line of code means.

Thank you for the attention.

P.S.: I'm sorry if this was already asked before, but I couldn't find anything explaining about it. If you know any resource that explains this in depth, please show me where can I find.
The header codes for the HP 48/49/50 are all explained here:
Good question and good answer!

I never investigated myself.
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