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Full Version: Benchmarks: A harness for running benchmarks
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A simple harness for selecting and running benchmarks.
You can tailor whether or not you want results printed, or in lists.
(For a definitive benchmark, you wouldn't choose both).
Version 0.1


 LOCAL ID:="Benchmarks V0.1 \n 2017 StephenG1CMZ";

  MSGBOX("A harness for benchmarks");
  MSGBOX("Refer to individual benchmarks");

 EXPORT BenchmarkList:=1;
 EXPORT BenchmarkAns:={};
 EXPORT BenchmarkPrint:=1;

  IF BenchmarkPrint THEN
  IF BenchmarkList THEN

 EXPORT BenchmarkReset()

 EXPORT ChooseBenchmark()
  LOCAL BLST:={"","","Whetstone (MWIPS)","","Savage"};
    IF CHS==3  THEN
    IF CHS==5 THEN 


Note: There is a complication in getting Whetstones and Benchmarks to compile.
Whetstones requires OUTREAL, so Benchmarks must be compiled first...
Except Benchmarks requires MWIPS so Whetstones must be compiled first.

The lazy solution:
1 Comment out MWIPS
2 Compile Benchmarks
3 Compile Whetstones
4 Uncomment MWIPS and re-compile Benchmarks.
*** I forgot Step 4 in Version 0.1 ***

An alternative method:(with MWIPS uncommented as intended)
1 write an empty OUTREAL
2 Compile Whetstones
3 Compile Benchmarks
4 Recompile whichever OUTREAL you wish to use.
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