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Full Version: HP-46 color consciousness?
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I have three HP-46's with serial numbers:

The 1st 46 yellow function keys have a significantly lighter shade of yellow than the other two. All yellow keys on the 1st are of the same shade. All yellow keys of the other 2 are the same shade, but obviously deeper yellow. The 1st keys almost look "washed out" compared to the other 2. All 3 have the same color/intensity of red alt-symbols. Don't know how to describe it better than that.

Frivolous question. Is anyone aware of any color change in the 46's dependent on date/serial number? Or might this just be "they were lighter colored that day"?
This is just a guess, but it's possible they switched to a plastic that included brominated flame retardant. The two different plastic formulations would've appeared similar or identical at the time of manufacture, but of course the brominated plastic would yellow more with age. I have Commodore calculators which were made during the transition (right around 1973), which have a mix of brominated and non-brominated keys on the same machine. Even though all of the keys are apparently the same age, exposed to the same amount of sunlight etc., the non-brominated keys are still bright white while the brominated keys are evenly yellowed.
Ya, figured I would be asked that. But it doesn't hurt to inquire.

No I don't want to sell any. My objective is, if possible, to have 2 of any particular item; although generally, the higher priority is to obtain things I don't have. The 46's are the only things I have 3 of. About 10% of my collection contains duplicates. Sad Scared to death something will break.

The last 46 was picked up was for parts being non-functional, but turned out it only had a bad on/off switch, the printer was seized due to hardened grease and had one keystem broke, but found a Cherry M61 for a replacement, so YEA! for me.

However, my brother is also an HP fan and the 3rd one is slated for him as soon as I'm done messing with it. Only have the keyswitch to go. Thought about offering it for a broken 81 to go with 81 parts I have, but .... let's say bro has issues with that concept.
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