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Full Version: Hello from a new HP user
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Hello from the Netherlands!

After having used RPN based calculator apps on my computers and smartphones for years (a.o. the excellent Free42 app), I bought a HP 35S three years ago. However, it's not really pocketable, and I hardly used any of the functionality. My needs are basic calculations and trig functions. So it stayed in my laptop bag for 90% of the time.

Earlier this week I finally broke down and ordered a DM-15L calculator from SwissMicros. I know that they are about to introduce the DM-42, but that is far more capable than I need, and I love the landscape format.

And as if it was a sign of good luck, today I found a HP-12C here in the Netherlands, in very good condition, complete with the instruction booklet. Let's say that I paid far less than what a new 12C costs in the shops here. My unit says "Singapore", and comes with a booklet in Dutch. It passed the self tests, so that is a good start. And for my daily job, it does everything I need.

The DM15L should arrive soon, unfortunately probably when I am on a business trip. I'll take the 12C with me, to keep me busy in the hotel!

Edit: after a week with the 12C and the DM15L, I sold the HP 35S today ... if only because it is too different from the 12C and DM15L, so I keep thinking which keys to press ;-)
Welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy your 12C and 15L explorations as they are very capable calculators.
(11-23-2017 09:16 PM)jthole Wrote: [ -> ]...but that is far more capable than I need...

We can help you get past that issue :-)

Welcome aboard!
(11-24-2017 07:58 PM)BobVA Wrote: [ -> ]We can help you get past that issue :-)

Welcome aboard!

As if I need more hobbies ;-)

BTW, when I was in university, we were advised to buy the Casio FX-4000P. While it's clearly not a HP, I am sorry to say that I lost it already many years ago.
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