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Full Version: Problem in Advanced Graphics application
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Hi, I have a problem with the advanced graphics application. Why can not I draw an object such as an ellipse, a circle, or a hyperbole in that application in the graphics view? It is said that this application can graph almost everything, but in the symbolic view if I enter from the command menu for example ellipse (2 + 3i, 4-5i, 7 + 3i) should be able to draw an ellipse on the screen but gives an error The purpose is that you could mix the view of Geometry with that of Functions in order to analyze geometric figures such as ellipses and find their foci or eccentricity, etc.
Here you should make use of Geometry, there are commands to plot nearly everything you want: Look at CMDS/Curve and Cmds/Plot in the menu.
(11-23-2017 03:16 AM)math7 Wrote: [ -> ]It is said that this application can graph almost everything,

Relations in form of X,Y - yes. You can easily draw an ellipse. The form being given just needs to be an expression in X/Y form.

Geometry will let you use all the geometry commands including all the various plotting commands as has been already communicated.
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