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Full Version: Aesthetic coherence in new 3D-App [Beta public FW12969]
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It seems to me that the black background chosen in this application does not take into account the color theme chosen ...
I then remembered a comment from Tim:

(09-12-2017 06:44 PM)Tim Wessman Wrote: [ -> ]Note that the dark theme may have some changes before long with the RGB888 change. That needs a bit of tweaking to make it better since there can visually be more distinction with the increased color palette.

This concerns one of my little disappointments ... May I quote myself?

(11-10-2017 09:56 PM)dg1969 Wrote: [ -> ]I would love to use the theme "dark colors" unfortunately the light colors proposed in page 2/4 of the home / setting menu does not allow good contrast...(for example in the spreadsheet application it is impossible to distinguish the selected cells) except to place the calculator on the desktop upside down so that the direction of vision is slightly oriented from top to down of the screen...

Can we expect an improvement with the introduction of this "RGB888"?

Have a nice day.
Please provide some suggestions for the changes and I can see what I can do. Take a screenshot of the "problem" places and do some color adjustment/tweaking and show what you are thinking. I'll be much more likely to understand and possibly help.

The issue you are describing is more the viewing angle of the screen though I think. Looking at it straight on I have no problem seeing the default selection blue.

Here's the main color shade defaults:
//dark theme
COLOR(DefDarkDrawingAndTextColor,242,242,242); // default drawing and text color (White)
COLOR(DefDarkSecDrawingAndTextColor,33,33,33); // default secondary drawing and text color (dark grey)
COLOR(DefDarkBackgroundColor,25,25,25);        // default background (dark grey)
COLOR(DefDarkSecBackgroundColor,9,32,51);      // default secondary background (dark blue)
COLOR(DefDarkSelectionColor,29,57,75);         // default selection color (blue)
COLOR(DefDarkSecSelectionColor,23,53,70);      // default secondary selection color (faint blue)
COLOR(DefDarkShadowColor,156,156,156);         // default shadow color (Grey 55)
COLOR(DefDarkSecShadowColor,86,86,86);         // default secondary shadow color (Grey15)
COLOR(DefDarkSel2Color,88,138,180);            // default selection 2 color (darker blue)
COLOR(DefDarkSecSel2Color,40,84,120);          // default secondary selection 2 color (mid blue)
COLOR(DefDarkDrawText2Color,255,65,65);         // default draw and text 2 color (red)
COLOR(DefDarkSecDrawText2Color,170,44,44);     // default secondary shadow color (mid red)

Here's the "selection" colors:

    /*          Dark Selection shades                                       */

    //primary selections
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(65,8,8), //red
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(65,44,8), //orange
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(69,69,33), //yellow
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(10,59,8), //green
    ColorDefDarkSelectionColor,  //blue
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(50,19,77), //purple

    //secondary selections
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(53,7,7), //red
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(53,35,5), //orange
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(59,59,26), //yellow
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(7,49,6), //green
    ColorDefDarkSecSelectionColor, //blue
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(42,13,67),  //purple

    //secondary backgrounds
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(32,9,9), //red
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(42,28,2), //orange
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(49,49,21), //yellow
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(5,41,4), //green
    ColorDefDarkSecBackgroundColor, //blue
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(30,8,49),  //purple

    //vibrant selection1
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(200,56,56), //red
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(202,135,21), //orange
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(222,220,91), //yellow
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(72,245,65), //green
    ColorDefDarkSel2Color,  //blue
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(166,78,243), //purple

    //vibrant selection2
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(139,37,37), //red
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(143,100,26), //orange
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(157,156,65), //yellow
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(52,158,48), //green
    ColorDefDarkSecSel2Color, //blue
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(105,48,154),  //purple

    //text 2 - 1
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(62,85,255), //red
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(62,85,255), //orange
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(62,85,255), //yellow
    ColorDefDarkDrawText2Color, //green
    ColorDefDarkDrawText2Color,  //blue
    ColorDefDarkDrawText2Color, //purple

    //text 2 - 2
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(53,69,186), //red
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(53,69,186), //orange
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(53,69,186), //yellow
    ColorDefDarkSecDrawText2Color, //green
    ColorDefDarkSecDrawText2Color,  //blue
    ColorDefDarkSecDrawText2Color, //purple
Thank you for your reply Tim

(11-15-2017 03:01 PM)Tim Wessman Wrote: [ -> ]The issue you are describing is more the viewing angle of the screen though I think. Looking at it straight on I have no problem seeing the default selection blue.

Yes it is an hardware issue. I do not know how the screen is designed but the loss of contrast with the angle of inclination of the vision is much more marked when looking from the bottom to the top.
I own two calculators (one rev.A and one rev.C)... same on both.

But what you are saying is right. If you look at the screen well perpendicularly everything is readable.

Despite this I think that some choice of color could improve things. I am aware that criticism is always easier... My English is very bad and I want to repeat here how much I am satisfied with this great machine. I emphasize this imperfection in order to help improve, if possible...

I have written a basic application that allows to visualize rectangles of colors by browsing the space of the TSL colors from T=0° to 360° by step of 5°. The default background used in the spreadsheet (dark theme) is #191919h. I tried a pure black background #000000h on which I drew white separator lines.

[Image: show.php?id=120577]
[Image: show.php?id=120576]

From left to right transparency increases from 0% to 80%. From top to bottom desaturation increases from pure color to almost gray.
I placed a wait (0) command so that at every click the pure color changes by 5 °.

At any time if you want to know the RGB code of a color, you have to interrupt the FOR loop by clicking on the ON key. A press on "Num" displays the RGB codes in the corresponding cells.

[Image: show.php?id=120578]

Just launch the "pavage" function available in the app attached ...

It's very basic ... Nothing optimized... If you want to continue reading the colors you must relaunch the function "pavage" and then resume from the beginning ...

In conclusion :
When scrolling through the color panels while holding the calculator slightly tilted it is clear that some choices in different color ranges offer better contrast retention. But as everyone knows "the tastes and colors ..."...

Have a nice day.
Is it possible that you forgot to add the file?
(11-23-2017 11:41 PM)Arno K Wrote: [ -> ]Is it possible that you forgot to add the file?
Damned ! I forgot to press "add attachment"...

here it is (I hope...) I edited the previous thread...
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