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Full Version: Change in CHOOSE behaviour between 8151 and 11586 (Android) (KNOWN)
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Version 0.3 of my Z_LIGHTS program exhibited different behaviour on 8151 and 11586 (both on Android).

In both systems, the behaviour documented in the on-device help is that if the user cancels a selection without choosing a selection, 0 is returned in the CHOOSE variable.

That was the behaviour observed in 8151, where Version 0.3 of Z_LIGHTS worked as expected.
In 11586 however, the previous value in the CHOOSE variable is repeated.

A workaround for this changed behaviour is incorporated in Z_LIGHTS V0.4.

Is this change intended (in which case the on-device help needs clarification)?
This change in behaviour has previously been noted here:

I raised it again because I asked about why there was a problem with Z_LIGHTS V0.3, before narrowing down the cause to a CHOOSE, and re-discovering its change in behaviour.
Your algorithms are entangled, the general way to use CHOOSE would be something like that for the EXPORT Z_LIGHTS()

  LOCAL CHS; //,OK;♣

  //REPEAT ♣

     //DEFAULT ♣
   //END;//IF ♣



Implement it like this in the other selection loops

The behavior as implemented is correct and has now been in force longer then the "original" I believe. The less disruptive thing to do is just tweak the help to make it a bit more clear.
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