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Full Version: RPN on HP39gs and HP40gs
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(12-31-2017 03:30 AM)Jlouis Wrote: [ -> ]Well... that is an excellent excuse that I needed to buy a 39GS!!

Yes, go ahead, it’s a good opportunity! The calculator is very capable by itself, I just cannot stand the algebraic system but with the RPN aplet that issue is fixed Smile

There are plenty of unused units in eBay, below US$20 in some cases, I got mine from this seller:


The units I received were unused with minor scratches here and there but because of the cover the front was in perfect shape. One of the units I got the “2” key was not working well but seller shipped me another unit at no cost, the seller even paid for the shipping, so no complaints.

Manuals and batteries are not included, though. The USB cable is a bit short but those are very easy to get.

Happy New Year.
(12-31-2017 01:08 AM)acapde Wrote: [ -> ]I’m just thinking, I might use the VIEWS key for the display mode, there is no need to hit SHIFT so you’ll be two keystrokes closer...

Regarding EEX and 1/x, d/dx and x,t,theta keys are not been using for anything else so I could duplicate EEX and 1/x functions in those keys, at least for now… I might need to change it later if those keys are required for something else but I doubt it.

Hi Andres,

Yes, I would vote for VIEWS for the display modes, good choice!

Duplicating keys sounds good as well.

Happy New Year!
First aplet I installed. (I'm new to the graphic calculators)
Great to have RPN on the 39gs.
(01-09-2018 01:06 PM)Robert VM Wrote: [ -> ]First aplet I installed. (I'm new to the graphic calculators)
Great to have RPN on the 39gs.

Ohh good! I should have an updated version soon.
Aplet seems to work well on an HP-40gs and on an HP-40G.
(Visibly slower on the 40G.)

Quite a challenge to use the Conn. Kit with the 40G. Would only function with PC as disk drive and typeing the full name from the calculator(!).
(Should ask about it in another thread as I couldn't find a better solution.)
HPGComm worked very well.

In exiting the aplet "Home" after "On" seems unnecessary as there is no other option.

All dogs go to heaven!
Thanks again for rpn "39/40"

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