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Full Version: (32SII) Position, Distance & Bearing Calculations
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An HP-32SII program for Position, Distance & Bearing Calculations with respect to great circle calculations is presented in the appendix of a technical paper by Whitham D. Reeve entitled Position, Distance & Bearing Calculations at Reeve_PosDistBrngCalcs.pdf. As the paper has a ©, only a reference to the paper is presented.

Thanks for sharing that document.

I have recently moved my great-circle calculations from Free42 to a Bash script running on a Raspberry Pi. Just a mere interface to proj4's geod and invgeod programs. Besides, gpsbabel handles the output in KML and GPX formats.

For the calculations in the script, I love to use the venerable RPN 'desktop calculator' in Unix, aka dc :0)
(11-09-2017 09:19 PM)Luigi Vampa Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for sharing that document.
You're welcome. I wonder if anyone has the source document from Radio Engineering Guide (1995) the 32sII program was adapted from?


ps: the reference doc is Chapter 11. K-Factor, Radio Horizon & Earth's Radius @ Reeve_RadioEngineeringGuide.
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