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Full Version: (35S) Coordinate point entry/retrieval
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I have created a program to store and recall Northings, Eastings and Elevations. This program uses the indirect storage registers as well as the following variables
I, used for point number
N, used for northing
E, used to store easting
L, used to store elevation
Each point is stored as a vector in the format [N,E,L]. This allows for storing all three numbers in one storage register. Hopefully someone else can find this useful.


P001    LBL P
P002    SF 10
P003    CLx
P005    X=0?
P006    GTO P019
P008    STO I
P010    STO N
P012    STO E
P014    STO L
P015    CF 10
P016    [N,E,L]►(I)
P017    SF 10
P018    GTO P007
P020    STO I
P021    CF 10
P022    [1,0,0]x(I)►N
P023    [0,1,0]x(I)►E
P024    [0,0,1]x(I)►L
P025    SF 10
P026    VIEW N
P027    VIEW E
P028    VIEW L
P029    SF 10
P030    GTO P019
P031    RTN
(11-03-2017 03:42 PM)JeremyBeck Wrote: [ -> ]P006 GTO P022

Sure ?-)

(11-03-2017 06:29 PM)Dieter Wrote: [ -> ]
(11-03-2017 03:42 PM)JeremyBeck Wrote: [ -> ]P006 GTO P022

Sure ?-)


Good catch. Fixed the problem should have pointed to P019 and not P022. My original program had:

P003 CF9
P018 FS?9
P019 RTN
This made line at P022 move to P019. The reason for the extra code is that my other programs will set flag 9 then XEQ what is now P016 or P022 to either store a point or recall one. When this program sees flag 9 set it returns execution. I removed that from this version as the extra flag 9 bits are not needed.
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