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Anybody else into Psion stuff? I’ve been using a 3a lately as a sort of food journal for some diet experimentation. The Agenda program on these things is really just about the best datebook application I’ve seen on any platform. Honestly, I wish the 200LX had one this good.

I finally tracked down a copy of OVAL, a VB-compatible development system. It looks like pretty familiar territory, but at the same time, a bit unfamiliar, as the Psion’s approach to windows and dialogs is a little bit different. One of the sample applications looks like a pretty complete database manipulation tool, so I’m hoping to do some interesting things using that as a launchpad. I don’t suppose anybody has any OVAL programming books collecting dust? Smile
I love the Psion 3! I have three of them, two in good working order. No books though.
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