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Full Version: Bug: How to regain Copy/Paste left menu in landscape
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I recently created a new program, and noticed that it has disappeared from my Prime (Android 5.0.2, G3 s phone). Prime version 2017 04 20 (11586). (But I cannot rule out the possibility the program was entered on a spare phone, and not lost by the Prime).

I created a blank program, but was unable to Copy/Paste from the forum...

When editing the program and attempting to slide in the menu from the left that includes Copy Paste and other options - nothing slides in.

So I can't recreate the program, or back up anything (no PC here, just cutting/pasting to the web).

Any suggestions on how to get the copy/paste menu to re-appear?
Update: It slides in if I rotate the phone to portrait, but has stopped sliding in from landscape.
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