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Full Version: plotimplicit
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I used plotimplicit to plot a circle as in:
and it draws a circle in a square to the right of the equation.
What I'd like to know is there a way to make this plot fullscreen rather than in a little square on the right?
Do it in geometry. Smile
I want to understand how to get CAS plots to display full screen. Not everything fits into geometry....what if I'm trying to plot a magnetic field defined by a differential equation...doesn't fit into geometry.
i.e. The circle was just an example.
You do use Geometry App!!! I found this thread...

There is a Get From CAS function in the menu, where you can take the tiny plot from CAS and import it directly into the geometry plot screen....Will work for any CAS function.
(10-12-2017 03:46 AM)Tim Wessman Wrote: [ -> ]Do it in geometry. Smile

Sometimes, you want to have graphs embedded in the calc history, because your main task is computation. Therefore it would be good to be able to do something with the graphs there.
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