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Full Version: Classifieds: Where is this "winner" mentality coming from?
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The current thread HERE makes me worry about the Classifieds forum. I thought that it was ONLY a forum for information exchange, and that those who offer items there are free to sell them to anybody they wish. But I'm getting the impression that many folks assume that sellers are obliged to sell to the first people who respond, as if it were a commercial dealer website or an auction site or something like that. "I responded before he did, so why did you sell it to him?" is (IMHO) making an assumption that is absolutely unwarranted. Perhaps a clarification about this matter can be included in the forum's description.
Yes, that was embarrassing. People could very well kick themselfs in privat for not getting something [for whatever reason]. No need to do this in public.
I think a courtesy response to an inquiry would be within reason, however, I agree and support the proposition that the seller is under no obligation based on dibs, firsts, etc.
(10-11-2017 01:26 PM)SlideRule Wrote: [ -> ]I think a courtesy response to an inquiry would be within reason, ...

Amen to that. However, in this case (the case I believe we are talking about) the OP was a first time poster. It is quite probable that he signed up simply to make this sale and we'll never hear from him again. We shouldn't expect etiquette compliance from someone who simply wants an audience for his sale and then be done with it. Especially since he indicated right up front that he was selling his entire collection.

Just my opinion. Not looking to start a controversy.

Sorry for causing a disturbance. I sold to the first offer. I have been aware of this site for some time having donated a scan to the library, http://www.hpmuseum.org/software/swcdp.htm

Jeffrey Kraus-yao: 34C QRG

I used the proceeds to purchase an HP Prime, so I have not sold my entire collection.

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