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Full Version: pyILPER 1.5.1 released - Important fix!
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This release fixes a problem that can cause data corruption of LIF media. If a virtual device is (re) enabled, its HP-IL device address is now always reset to zero. You must reconfigure the loop each time to access the device again.

This protective measure prevents duplicate HP-IL addresses of virtual devices which can cause data corruption of LIF image files.

The upcoming release 1.6.0beta2 will reset the address of a reenabled device only if any HP-IL operation that changed devices addresses happened in between.

I discovered this problem yesterday when I ruined a LIF image file. If you reconfigure the loop while a device is temporary disabled you get duplicate addresses on the loop. And then the terminal output goes to the drive ...

I feel sorry for all inconveniences you might have had because of this pitfall.

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