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Full Version: How I repaired broken posts on an Card Reader
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Some 5 years ago or so, I bought a HP41 card reader to go on my second HP41CX. It was working fine until recently. The original owner had it rebuilt (so he said).
So I decided to open it up and see what was wrong with it. I found out that the O rings had been replaced with very bad quality O rings that didn’t last long. Anyways, I replaced them and checked the entire unit. All was fine until I put it back together.
On one of the two knurled buttons/latches used to secure the card reader to the calculator, both little posts that go into the opposite sides of the reader’s case were flat broken.
These are impossible to glue back on. They are too tiny and the glue will never withstand the pressure. As a result, the card reader was rendered completely useless as it would move and not make proper contact, which could damage the calculator.
What I did to repair it was very simple. Using a Dremel and a very thin drill bit, I drilled a hole all the way through where the posts had been. I cut an old (same size) drill bit to the desired length and glued it inside. You can use any other cylindrical metal part. It now works like a charm and is more solid than ever.
If you have, or have had this problem, I hope this will help.
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