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Full Version: Calculator books
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The thread were someone wanted to donate stuff and the one about early computing books got me thinking there used to be a lot I wanted but couldn't afford in my college days but are sometimes found cheap now. I won this one http://www.ebay.com/itm/Discovering-Calc...1438.l2649

Are there other good ones to get? I just have a 48SX
If you don’t mind PDFs, the museum DVD/flash drive has several that are aimed at the 48. The ones by William Wickes (HP 48 Insights series) are generally highly regarded. Books about the 28C and 28S should be reasonably applicable to the 48SX too.

Also, I highly recommend the Solve/Equation Library card if you don’t have it.
I've been watching for a ram card and that equation one as well.

When was the insights series put on the DVD, I have an old copy from when I gave the scan of the user manual would if have been on there back then?
I wouldn’t know exactly when they were added, I’m afraid. However they were on there when I bought my set around 2014.
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