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Full Version: STO+ adds to front of string, not end
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From the entry line, doing the following combines two strings properly.

"ABC" "DEF" +

I decided I wanted to stuff these into a variable and add the second bit manually, except I came up against a small problem.


"ABC" 'J' STO+ @results in the following and an error box:

2: "ABC"
1: 'J'
ErrorBox("STO+ Error", Undefined Name)

So obviously STO+ relies on the variable being initialised already. Fair enough, though I haven't found it mentioned explicitly (yet).

Once I created the variable J I tried this:

"ABC" 'J' STO+ @results in "ABC"
"DEF" 'J' STO+ @results in "DEFABC"

Why is this? Or do I just have something wrong here? I'm mainly using the AUR at the moment, as I don't have the other two documents (UM/UG) in hard-copy, only in PDF.

(Note): This is related to a program I'll post in another thread.

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Try 'J' "DEF" STO+
(09-25-2017 09:24 AM)Gilles59 Wrote: [ -> ]Hi

Try 'J' "DEF" STO+

same with list. STO<op> is pretty flexible.
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