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Full Version: Acron RPN announces v3.0 BETA
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A new BETA of v3.1.0 is now available on both Android and iOS. As always, you can join the Android BETA using the link at the beginning of this thread. To join the iOS BETA, send me a private message with your Apple ID. There are currently no known issues with this BETA. If we don't encounter any problems in the next week or so, this will probably just become the final release.

Bug fixes since previous BETA:
  • Undo button didn't work correctly for the two layouts with in-place operators.
  • It was fairly easy to cause a hang in poorly written xml functions/subroutines
  • Switching toolbars would cause stack scrolling to get stuck on iOS

New features since v3.0.2
  • Create custom functions and subroutines in your xml
  • Added boolean type to based-integers (mostly to facilitate custom functions)
  • New comparison operators (mostly to facilitate custom functions)
  • Added StackBox.RollToTop and StackBox.RollToTopUndo to facilitate in-place operators
Version 3.1.0 has now been publicly released on all platforms.
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