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Full Version: Update of ILper v2.24, ILScope v1.54 and ILCtrl v1.16
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Hello together,

just a small update of ILPer, ILScope and ILCtrl available at http://hp.giesselink.com/hpil.htm.

I removed the "Scope" buffer implementation from ILPer and ILScope and replaced the text output engine by the one used for the fast printer output. In result we have a much faster synchronous Scope output like with disabled buffer but slower when only putting data into the scope buffer.

It was a design question, not to implement both, buffer and fast text output. Removing the scope buffer made things much easier. So
it's still a compromise between usability and speed. The changes don't affect the speed with disabled Scope.

In ILCtrl I fixed a nasty bug responsible that sending a sequence was not aborted after the first frame when detecting a broken loop. For some reasons the Scope inside ILCtrl don't got the fast text output engine.
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