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Full Version: How to clean 41 CX w blue Corrosion on keyboard side of PCB
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I'm repairing a 41 CX that obviously had battery corrosion. I've noticed what appears to be blue battery corrosion effluent stains near one upper post on the key side of the keyboard PCB. From some cleaning threads, it appears that I can dunk the entire keyboard half of the calculator in water/distilled water/IPA to clean the corrosion by product. Outside of ESD control (ESD wrist strap and mat), and maybe avoid dunking the vertically oriented calculator above the keyboard PCB (to avoid display water stains), are there any cleaning recommendations/best practices specific to cleaning corrosion in this area?

Concerned that leaving corrosive material trapped on the PCB will eventually cause deterioration/failure.

For this CX project, I am using Diego's flex PCB, and Jose's 3 D printed broken back repair piece. Have had great success using tips from this forum to repair a dead 41CV (cold solder joint, broken back case boss) and restore problematic keys on a 41C (De-Oxit trick).
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