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Full Version: Connectivity Kit not "seeing" HP Prime calculators.
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I spent the last two hours searching the forums and can't find a solution.

I updated my Virtual Calculator and Connectivity Kit to 2016_12_08.

After the update, the Connectivity Kit no longer recognizes either of my HP Primes (actual calculators) but is able to see the virtual calculator.

Any ideas why this occurred? Everything was working fine before the update. I'm using the same HP USB cable I was using before and it seems to be working fine.

The only differences between the virtual calculator and my two real calculators are:

1. They each have a different name so I can tell them apart from each other when I am connected to the Connectivity Kit.

2. The virtual calculator has 2016_12_08 firmware and the real ones have 2016_08_29

I uninstalled and reinstalled the Connectivity Kit and Virtual Calculator, both 2016_12_08, that didn't work.

I disconnected all my USB drives, that didn't work.

I finally restarted my laptop and that worked. I have no idea why this happened but if you run into a similar situation, try to restart your computer first. You may save a lot of time.

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