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Full Version: Invalid Input error: Suggestions?
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Thanks for earlier suggestions about maximum number of variables in a LOCAL statement. Having fixed that, I move on to thornier errors. When attempting to run the program I now get the message "Probability2 Error: Invalid Input" (the program name is Probability2). I have searched for a discussion of the Invalid Input error and found discussions that mention invalid variable names in LOCAL statements and the misuse of INPUT statements. I have scrubbed and/or changed variable names in the LOCAL statements and have no INPUT statements. Any thoughts as to where I might look next for the problem?
Again, thank you for suggestions.
Ben Fairbank
You might try the debug feature next. Assuming your program compiles okay, then instead of 'running' it use the 'debug' feature, and be on the lookout for spelling or syntax errors to the left and one line above where it crashes.

You can also post your code so far, and others may be able to help you sort it all out.

Thank you! Using debug traced it to my feeding an invalid value to PIXON().
(That must have been the "input".)I appreciate your reply and for pointing out usefulness of debug.
Don't forget to press the "Info" menu option to narrow down where the error occurred.
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