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Full Version: Use all 32K on TI-95 RAM Cartridge
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If you have a 32K RAM cartridge and try to use it with a TI-95, you'll see you only have about 16K available to store programs and data. If you activate the system functions and use STB (STore Bytes, like POKE in BASIC) the values below, you'll have access to all 32K of your cartridge.

Location       Value
BFF4             7F
BFFC             20
It would be nice to mention that I sent this info to you.

On 2017-07-06 08:54, HrastProgrammer wrote:

Quote:On 2017-07-05 19:20, Tom Lake wrote:

Would you happen to know what memory locations on the TI-95 need to be
modified to fully use a 32K RAM cartridge? I found the guy who
designed the calculator and he said he knew it’s possible but
couldn’t remember how it was done. Any insight you might be able to
give would be appreciated!

Based on ROM disassembly examination, TI-95 can recognize/initialize 8K and 16K RAM cartridges but cannot recognize 32K cartridges out-of-the-box.

My TI-95 emulator boots with 16K and after that I edited the RAM file and changed the following locations:

BFF4: 7F
BFFC: 20

Byte at BFFC contains cartridge size in KB (20 hex = 32KB) while the word at BFF4/BFF5 contains free memory (high byte first). After that I see 32752 bytes free inside the emulator.

I didn't test if everything works OK with 32K, though.

Best regards.
(07-25-2017 06:46 AM)HrastProgrammer Wrote: [ -> ]It would be nice to mention that I sent this info to you.

Best regards.

Oops! Sorry! Yes Hrast sent me the POKE locations that I passed on. I was so excited to share the info, I made my post too short and didn't credit him.

Sorry again, HP!
No problem. It has been my pleasure to help Smile
(07-27-2017 06:06 AM)HrastProgrammer Wrote: [ -> ]No problem. It has been my pleasure to help Smile

I'm glad you're not mad! You've done so much for the community in general and me in particular, that I definitely don't want to offend you.
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