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Full Version: what are G_1 and G_0 in solns to diff eqts?
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If you try to get the airy equation or:
desolve(y''-xy=0,y) for example, you'll get a solution that has G_1 and G_0 in the answer.
Are these intended to indicate "some constant"?
Thanks in advance
They are the arbitrary constants that occur when solving the ODE.
Thanks Parisse.....that's what I thought, but wasn't sure.
They are not G0, G1 and so on since those are the reserve graphic object variables. G0 specifically is the live screen buffer.
(07-12-2017 05:41 AM)parisse Wrote: [ -> ]They are the arbitrary constants that occur when solving the ODE.

I'm coming to the party a little late on this one, but my resources all use c, or c1, or c2, etc., for the arbitrary constant. G_0 is visually confusing compared to what I normally encounter.
Did you feel that G_0, was less likely to already be used than c, which might have already been used in a program, for example?

Here is an example: (simplify set to 'none')

desolve((y') = (x*y/(x^2+1)),y)

result: (G_0*x^2+G_0)/(sqrt(x^2+1))

Simplifying makes it a little clearer, but G-0 versus c, makes it less so, (to me, anyway).

simplify(desolve((y') = (x*y/(x^2+1)),y))
result: G_0*sqrt(x^2+1)
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