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Full Version: CASIO Classpad 500
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Anyone know difference between the Classpad 400 and 500 math wise, processing speed, anything else?
CASIO, on their Facebook page, indicated that the 400 and 500 are the same machine, only meaningful difference is exam mode is built in on the 500 so that it will be acceptable in the classroom.
Good to know. I think I'll just save my money on this one, since I already have a 400.
Hi Eddie,

CASIO just got back to me...they say that the 400 and 500 are, in fact identical, except that the 500 no longer has a QWERTY keyboard so as to be acceptable in U.S. classrooms.
Thanks, lrdheat!
Received my Casio Classpad 500 yesterday. Should be writing a brief review here in a few days.

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