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Full Version: Comp Keyboard Shortcuts When Using HP prime Emulator
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Does anybody know what are the computer keyboard shortcuts when using HP Prime emulator, for example: what would be the comp. keyboard combs to access the 'toolbox' key etc. Could it be possible for the HP Prime team to assign some combs. of Shift+Ctrl+Alt to access those types of keys on the emulator without needing to use mouse click?
Thank you in advance for your help.
If you take a look at the ".primeskin" files, you will find the current key commands and codes. For example:

<key code="15" x="57" y="415" x2="101" y2="449" note="math">
<alpha code="0x42" note="Qt::Key_B"/>
<shalpha code="0x42" note="Qt::Key_B"/>

As you look through there, you should see quite quickly where and what to modify to start experimenting.

The general problem is that creating keycombos for all systems we support can be quite tricky - especially when you start looking at more then just a single language. A lot of languages use other key combos to create accented letters or similar.

You can currently modify and create some of your own combos directly by modifying the primeskin file.

There is a general problem however in that the traditional calculator use of "Shift" doesn't match the PC idea of shift. Shift on the PC really applies to letters, while on the calcualtor its meant alternative functions. ALT can't be mapped on windows systems to the SHIFT button because those are hard coded to window os things. CTRL is the closest match to the calcualtor use of a shift function, but again things like CTRL-V are mapped to standard shortcuts. Things start to fall apart even more when trying to coordinate between windows/mac/linux keyboard shortcuts. In short, it gets quickly very tricky!

I am nearly certain you will currently be able to remap to specific main keys, function keys and similar. Doing more esoteric key combos might be blocked however since in order to support the most common behaviors like copy/paste on all systems I may have needed to block some combos or treat them differently.

You could experiment and find out though. Happy key pressing! :-)
Thank you, Tim. I will follow your advice.
Also, if you discover some keys/combos that don't work and you feel they should - please post so I can determine why they aren't. It is possible there is a good reason for it not to work, or I may have just messed up or blocked something for no good reason.
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