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Full Version: wp34s building calc.bin
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i am trying to build calc.bin for wp34s from source.
i installed minGW, yagarto, perl and svn.
i have also read the following pages:

when i type mingw32-make in cmd it gives the following error.

tools/wp34s_asm.pl -pp -op tools/wp34s.op -c -o xrom.c xrom_pre.wp34s
// WP 34S assembly preprocessor enabled: '-pp'
// Opcode map source: tools/wp34s.op (specified)
// Opcode SVN version: -- unknown --
// Running WP 34S preprocessor from: C:/wp34s/wp34s-code/tools/wp34s_pp.pl
ERROR: wp34s_pp.pl::get_options: Must enter at least one file to process.
Enter 'wp34s_pp.pl -h' for help.
WARNING: wp34s_asm.pl::run_pp: WP 34S preprocessor failed. Temp file: '.__0.9441
ERROR: wp34s_asm.pl::run_pp: Perhaps you can try running it in isolation using:
$ "C:/wp34s/wp34s-code/tools/wp34s_pp.pl" -m 235 -cat .__0.944126414907263.tmp
-v3 -xrom -e2so -sd 4 -colour_mode 0
Makefile:429: recipe for target 'xrom_labels.h' failed
mingw32-make: *** [xrom_labels.h] Error 255

any help would be much appreciated.
i am using win7 64bit.
I had similar problems with the perl implementation coming with mingw. Try ActivePerl instead and make sure it is in the PATH before the mingw binary..
Thank you for your reply; I alerady managed to build it under ubuntu.
(01-22-2018 06:11 PM)karl Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you for your reply; I alerady managed to build it under ubuntu.

Why not share how you did so, to help other folks reading the thread and trying to solve the same problem?
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