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Full Version: HP41C made in Brazil with singular SN
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just to show you an HP41C I have obtained from the original owner, here in Spain.
It is very nice shape and functional.
It is tall keys, with the first design display driver and golden balls contacts.
It has also the first printing design in the keyboard plate finish (not the plastic sticker but the metal plate)
What is rare in this case is that it is made in Brazil (not so many) and the SN is 1957B0193. It cannot be from the 57th week... the previous owner says the back cover is original.
I enclose some pictures just as curiosity. I really like this specific model!

On the other side talking about "rare" HP41 models, I also have two HP41CV with tall keys, with similar SN obtained from different sources and supposedly never repaired. I can post some pictures in a next post.

Maybe you can share "rare" hp41 models from your collections! Early and/or odd SN.

Kind regards
Apparently on some assembly lines the SN machinery was not reset for the year flip as it should have been. I have seen another that was a 1954A SN. Very rare indeed!
Same in Singapure a year later. See this thread I opened last year:
There it was the card reader assembly line.
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