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Full Version: Need a new laptop
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This is kind of related to HP calculators:

So Apple locked me out of my iCloud driven email yesterday. After an hour on the phone with customer support it became clear my old, but still functioning, MacBook is un-updatabe to Apple's current systems. Even if I can locate an email program and a browser that can still work with Mac OS 10.6.8 they will be a big enough change that it is worth buying a new computer with a modern OS.

Here is how it relates to this community: I have been thinking about upgrading my 41CV to a 41CL. I have a Swiss Micros DM41 and will probably buy their 42S clone when it becomes available. Using a Mac is a chore with my old HP equipment and the DM41. Would migrating back to Microsoft's OS make sense in terms of my HP calculator hobby?

How does an iPhone 5 work with Microsoft stuff? The phone is new and I don't see my self junking it for an android system.

Sorry for the dumb questions. I am a bit miffed with Apple right now and don't feel like buying another overpriced Apple device.
If you're just talking about syncing/backing up the phone with iTunes, you shouldn't have any trouble.

There's an iCloud client for Windows that adds some Outlook integration, but I was never terribly impressed with it. It may have gotten better since I last tried it. Other than the official sync client, I haven't found any good solution for iCloud contact and calendar sync on Windows. You should be able to access your email account via IMAP, however. Just use Thunderbird, or your preferred mail client.
Even though you are miffed, you can get a Mac and run Bootcamp, which will be a fully functioning PC.

I know a guy with a MacbookPro who used Parallels and could run MacOS, Windows and Linux all at the same time!
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