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Full Version: 200LX: Open documents directly from Filer?
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I know 100BUDDY allows you to hit ENTER twice to open documents (.pdb, .gdb, .wk1, etc.) with the appropriate application directly from the Filer, but it also does a ton of other stuff, 95% of which I don't need or want. It seems to take up about 30-40 KB of RAM while loaded, too.

Anybody know of a smaller TSR that gives you just this Filer functionality without all the extras?
(06-13-2017 02:58 PM)Mike (Stgt) Wrote: [ -> ]Take PNS from Andreas Garzotto. Note in SUPER: "Allows multiple program launch selections based on file extensions in Filer. Also useful to enhance for example MM/LX and Post/LX. Freeware." Still available here.

PNS works nice with Craig Payne's KBuf128.SYS (avoids key buffer overflow) and KS.COM, a Key Stuffer. Both not found any more where I once discovered it. Tempi passati.


PS: or use X-Finder -- and you will never use the Filer again. Smile

Oh, nice. I was able to dig up ks.com and kbuf128.sys from the 2000 CD InfoBase archive I downloaded a while back. And at that point, I didn't even really need to get PNS involved, since I don't (yet) need a menu with multiple actions for each file, I just want them to open in the given app. So I put some ksx.com entries (a version made for use with FILER.INI that uses @ instead of \) into my FILER.INI, and that seems to be working well.

X-Finder looks pretty cool; I might spend a little time figuring out what kind of overhead is involved (both time needed for installation and configuration, and system RAM for running the thing).

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