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Full Version: 3D-maze game
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I have created a 3d game.You need to eat 3 red diamonds and then eat the diamond in cyan to win.Press alpha to step forward and shift to go backward.Use Mouse to rotate view.You can change the depth of the camera by pressing + and -for a better view.Hope you will like the game.
I have changed it to 1.6 to fix problem while running in a virtual calculator.
The emulator crashes with the game.
try to use firmware above 10077 or real prime,if the problem still exists then reply to me.I think it may be due to 1/0 because the render on computer is too quick.
I don't know if it was expected, but up arrow and down arrow leads the game to go up and down instead of (what I suspect) should get you moving forward and backwards.
Press alpha and shift to go forward or backward.Up and down arrow keys is only for debug.
Hello, I have improved your 3D maze 1.6. I set the up arrow and down arrow to forward and backward, and adjust the angle of view through the left arrow and right arrow, so that we can play with one hand.
I use the TICKS()WAIT() function to lock the refresh rate. When the refresh rate is less than 40ms, the refresh rate is locked at 40ms ± 10ms. In this way, the sensitivity of high-performance hardware such as virtual machine will not be too high to use the touch screen.
In addition, the up and down movement code and scaling code are commented.
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