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Full Version: bugs in geometry app
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i have found some bugs in the geometry apps,but how can i fix it?
1.when some point is on the curve defined by "conic" ,the point disappears when i am trying to drag it.
2.the function single_inter will not give a certain point when the curve is defined by "parabola".
3.it will take the calculator a few seconds to calculate the point on the ellipse when definition of the ellipse refers to other points (i.e. ellipse(GA,GB,GC)).
I'm using the version 10637, and I hope the problems will be fixed soon.
The best way is get me a copy of the geometry app with all the items you talk about. Make the various parts, save a copy of it, and email to calchelp@hp.com

That will be the best way for you to fix it.
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