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Full Version: Bitwise functions for 27S?
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Just curious if anybody's tackled these before (only the basics: AND, OR, XOR, and NOT). I could probably come up with something without too much fuss, but no sense reinventing the wheel.
Alright, here's my attempt at it, then. Not the fastest thing in the world, but it gets the job done in a pinch. Note that it expects (and returns) decimal values. If you want to use non-decimal numbers, enter/convert them in the BASE menu and store into scratch registers for recalling in the solver.

Enter your operands into A and B, and solve for the operation you want. #NOT works a little differently - it inverts the bits in A, and uses the value in B as the word size, i.e. the result will be padded/trimmed to B bits, as appropriate. This isn't designed to handle any goofy inputs (non-integers or negative values). And if you give it a huge value for B when calculating #NOT, be prepared to wait. Smile

I've added some line feeds and indentation for readability.


I think this would work on the 17BII, 19BII, and palmtops (I developed it on my 200LX). If any of those models doesn't have the IDIV function, just substitute IP(X÷Y) as appropriate.

Comments or improvements welcome.

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