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Full Version: 50g question: How to lock in PROOT sub-menu?
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Hi folks,

On the 48G series, you can have the PROOT softkey show on screen, instead of having to go to the solver application. Then you can just solve the function if you enter the coefficients [a b c d...] and hit the PROOT key.

On the 50g how do you do that?

I have only managed to hit RIGHT SHIFT + 7 to get to the softkey menu, and if I press the POLY menu, I get the selection box (PROOT is #1) and need to select the command before it will execute.

Short answer: Set flag -117 (and leave it always set) and try again.

More complete answer: There are three different ways of accessing PROOT via menu:

(1) With flag -117 clear (default), press RS+7 (the "+" means hold down the shift key while pressing the 7), POLY, ENTER. This is what you described above.

(2) Press RS-7 (the "-" means let go of the shift key before pressing the 7), 3 ENTER. This launches the interactive "app" which apparently you want to avoid.

(3) With flag -117 SET (not the default but you want this!), press RS+7, POLY. See PROOT in the soft menu area.
Many thanks Joe! Looks like flag -117 SET is what I want.
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