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Full Version: Prime Firmware upgrade without a computer?
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Hi all.

If I purchase a Prime, is it possible to upgrade the firmware without being connected to a computer?

Upgrading Prime's firmware via cable from another Prime is not supported at this time. Anybody know if Prime can be upgraded via wifi from the Classroom Manager?

If it has one of the latest firmware installed, then it can...
I have tested it once and it does work...
However, it is rather slow!
Wifi tops at around 20Kb/s with one calculator connected to the "network"... and around 34MB need to be downloaded (ok, it's compressed to around 8MB), but this is still relatively slow...

If there is a PC in the classroom with the con kit installed, you might as well connect directly with a USB cable and get 200~300KB/s download rate which will do the updated in less than 1 minute.

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