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Full Version: HP-67 / battery door - latch
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I'm looking for one / a pair of these original battery door latches / door bar for my HP-67. These latches are located at the top of the battery door (top left & top right) Unfortunally one of these small green latches are gone since years. Many thanks for your help in advance ... !!!

[Image: dj6crz24fr2hj1zkq.jpg]

Kind regards from Germany,

Thomas alias Dr. Mabuse
Nate Martin modeled the latches for the classic battery door. But they don't fit for the HP-67. Perhaps somebody (or I) could create a 3D model for the HP-67 latches soon.

Ok, I will try to get to the door and latches for a HP67 soon. I need to finish the battery door for a 75 first.
I know this is old, BUT...
I am also looking for a replacement battery door w/latches.

Any progress on this???

I am hoping to have some available soon. These will be 3D printed copies. I have a couple of samples printed in gray. I now have some military green filament that is a really good match for the original color. A friend of mine has the 3D printer, and I bought the filament to give to him, so I will check on his progress !

Great news John! Keep me posted.


(11-16-2023 03:09 PM)mbielman Wrote: [ -> ]Great news John! Keep me posted.



Great I#m interested too. Regards Erwin
I'm interested too! I could use a dozen or so.

My interim solution works, but doesn't look very good. That is to take the broken latch - (assuming you have the pieces) place them together as they would be, and glue a small patch of thin plastic over the top. This connects and supports the two broken pieces. I use old collar stays.

It would be great to have some replacements.

Mostly I need the door. Mine (from a used 67) is warped like the battery got too hot. One of the latches is broken but still sort of works. And only need one.

Johnboy - Any progress on the battery door?


3D printed HP-67 door latches:

[Image: 53507556762_7fc2831977_c.jpg]

[Image: 53508442826_b0c7690f65_c.jpg]
Looks good! What about the door itself? That is what I need. (having them all would be best)

(02-04-2024 04:55 PM)Dave1947 Wrote: [ -> ]3D printed HP-67 door latches:

These latches are excellent and work well, I'm very happy with and recommend them!
(02-04-2024 05:36 PM)mbielman Wrote: [ -> ]Looks good! What about the door itself? That is what I need. (having them all would be best)


The battery cover door is available on Shapeways site.

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