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Full Version: Commodore calculators - research help requested
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I'm working on a presentation for this year's HHC 2017 in Nashville (you are coming, right?) and could use some help.

I'm focusing on the scientific models (defined as at least having trig functions - don't care about anything without them), programmables, and their financial models.

What I am looking for are these facts:

Introduction date
Introductory price

Models such as the SR-36, SR1400 SR1800 SR6120R, SR4912, etc etc. If it is a commodore and had trig or programmability or financial functions, I'm trying to track down the date of introduction and the original price.

I have plenty of online ad images showing pricing at various points and can find those fairly easily, but when was each model introduced and at what price?

Anyone able to help? :-)

PM sent.
You can access many old scanned copies of New Scientist online in Google books search. The advertisement sections give good data on UK pricing for all sorts of older scientific calculators.

Also, you can marvel at what we poor Limeys had to pay out to get decent HP machines.

Apologies - I just twigged that is the data you don't need but it maybe interesting to others.
It always was the way that we Limeys had to pay an equal figure in GBP to what Americans would have to pay in USD.

Eg. a piece of tech that retailed for $100 in the US would generally retail for £100 (up to about $200 at one point) over here...
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